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Barcelona, the Catalan capital is the home to great architects such as Antoni Gaudi and Lluìs Domènech i Montaner and a place where the likes of Picasso spent much of his time. The city is littered with amazing architecture, both new and old.

Since the 1992 Paralympics Barcelona has continued to improve access for everyone including drop kerbs in the streets, flashing and audible crossings, tactile paving, pedestrian streets and long flat promenades along the beaches and marinas.

The public transport system is also improving year by year with a 100% accessible bus fleet and more and more raised, adapted bus stops for those with mobility impairments. Many of the vehicles on the Bus Tùristic (tourist bus) routes are also adapted with ramps making sightseeing a much easier task. As the metro continues to be slowly developed there are more lifts, accessible trains, visual station indicators and also audible announcements for every stop. The trams that mainly cover the outskirts of the city towards the football stadium, Camp Nou, and the area near Forum are also have facilities for people with different types of disabilities as do the airport shuttles that frequently leave for the city centre.

With so much thought put into the city planning, Barcelona is almost the European utopia for people with disabilities, I hope you enjoy your stay in this accessible city paradise on the shores of the Mediterranean.